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Question No. 3: Am I Doing Something That Matters?

Sorry for the delay. Life got a little distracting. hehe I will try my best to complete these questions in the next 4 days.

So am I? Am I doing something that matters?

I don't know how to answer this question. I've always been of the belief that what matters can only be viewed in hindsight. I mean, we have no control over how our actions affect others. For example, I'm walking down the street. This guy is walking the opposite way, approaching me. I don't know this, but he's on his way home to commit suicide (Sure, that's a morbid approach, but bear with me.). As he's passing me, I smile at him. For some reason, that smile affects him, and he chooses not to kill himself. Now, I know that example is a bit... I can't think of the word. Glib, maybe? Either way, I know. But a simple action can change something huge. So right now, I don't know. I don't know if I'm doing something that matters. It's possible. I'm doing my best to be active, to try and be a person of change, but I don't think I'll know until much later in life (if I even end up knowing at all) if I actually did something that mattered.

In other news, I saw Harry Potter on opening night... kind of. Well, here's what happened. My boyfriend's birthday was on the 15th of this month, the date of the US theater release for Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. Well, my boyfriend is a fan of these movies, and I begrudgingly told him that I would go with him to see it when it came out, being that it was around his birthday and all. I was hoping to take him to the midnight showing at the theater closest to us (and the theater at which he works), but all of the tickets sold out. According to their numbers, that means they sold 2,000+ tickets. I mean, the movie was playing on every single theater except one. That's 15 theaters. Sold out. People are Harry Potter crazy. I don't get it, personally, but whatever. Either way, we decided to go see it later this week, but then the theater opened up a 3am showing because they were unable to accommodate the original midnight-ers due to the pre-sale magnitude of the midnight showing tickets. Well, we were awake, so... why not? haha

I will say that I did not like the movie. Of course, I'm not really a HP fan to begin with, but it was very... meh. I read the books (all but the last one), and they left out a GREAT deal of the actual book, which surprised me mainly because they left out an important battle scene involving pretty much every character. It wasn't just that, though. The direction was... not good. In fact, I would suffice to say that it was bad. There's too much to go in to, but... take my word for it. Not good at all. In the end, it was an entertaining little flick, but it wasn't very good.

Enough said. I'm out.



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