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"The Presence of the Past"

Exercise #4: "The Presence of the Past"
Within a one-mile radius of where you are right now, what would have been present 100 years ago (1909)?

Wow... That's an interesting thought, one of which I feel I don't have any sort of knowledge. For example, I don't know when Nashville was founded (I know, I know... What a sad sack I am.). Sounds like I need to do a bit of research...

Nashville was founded as Fort Nashboro in 1779 by James Robertson, John Donelson, and a party of Wataugan Native Americans in honor of the American Revolutionary War hero, Francis Nash. In 1806, Nashville was incorporated into the state as a city, becoming the capital in 1843.

Now, I'm pretty sure that most of the houses in my area (near the Fairgrounds) are from the 1920's, so I'm assuming before then, this area wasn't quite developed. Possibly farm lands? I do know that the Parthenon was up by 1909. I'm not sure, to be honest, about anything else. Maybe I'm thinking about this too logically, too stubborn about being historically accurate. It's one of my pet peeves. If you're going to write about something historical (even if it is fiction) then you had better do your best to get your facts straight. Otherwise, I'll rub you out (not in the mafia sort of way) in my list of credible authors. Our history is important, and to make a mockery of it by simply writing all whilly-nilly... well, it's just ludicrous.

So going off of that information (and by looking at a few maps online), I'm going to say that my current location would have been on the outskirts of town. My house most definitely did not exist. There might have been more spread out housing units, but there would have been bigger yards and more space in general. Roads would have been gravel or dirt.

I'm not really sure what else I could write for this one... Hmm...

Before I head out, I must recommend the movie "Management" with Steve Zahn and Jennifer Anniston. Very good movie. It's an indie flick, so you may not have it in your area, but when it comes out on dvd, I very highly suggest that you either Netflix it, rent it, or, even better, buy it. It's very quirky, but it's great. Wonderful acting from the entire cast.

Go see it.

Ok. Done.


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