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"Letter of Complaint"

Exercise #9: "Letter of Complaint"
Your character, who is odd (either somewhat or extremely), writes a letter of protest to the manager of his or her local grocery store. Write the letter.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am appalled. Simply appalled. I walked into your store today (July 28th, 2009) and was completely shocked by the lack of order in your spices aisle. Now, I consider myself to be a merely a spice hobbyist who is a fastidious, somewhat well-versed spice connoisseur, and I can only imagine how someone with extensive knowledge on the subject might react to your utter disregard for spice storage. I will list my grievances below:
  • The spices are in alphabetical order (seen in the picture on the right). Now, to the layman this might be acceptable, but when you get down to it, not all of the spices serve similar purposes. For example, if I'm making tomato bisque I would most definitely not put cinnamon in it, but what happens when the cinnamon is placed next to the cardamom?? Someone could accidentally grab the wrong container and go home with a completely different spice than they intended.
  • And about the containers... Not only do the spices come in both rectangle and cylindrical forms, but you absolutely cannot stack your spices from different brands. This is ridiculous and makes storage much more difficult.
5 minutes up. teehee I love writing angry letters, but I sadly never come off angry. I'm always very polite and perfunctory. hehe Oh well. I may try this one again on a later date and try to be as mean as I possibly can with another character who is... more prone to outbursts.

In other news, I was recently able to spend an entire day with a friend of mine watching the Band of Brothers series (Yes, we watched the entire series in 1 day, starting at about 11am and finishing around 11pm with a few breaks in between to help us keep our sanity.), and I was quickly reminded of how amazing this series was. I mean, not only was all of the acting completely brilliant, but the story is so captivating. I can't imagine the men that actually held a position in Easy Company, and I'm grateful that I never had to. The war over there was terrible, but we accomplished so much. Those men deserve more than our unshakable respect and gratitude, because they could have simply thrown in the towel and played dead. I know that's what my cowardly self would have done. Of course, that would have probably resulted in death anyway, but who's counting? So think about your grandfather or great grandfather today. If he's still alive, thank him for his service (If he was in the war, of course... But even if he wasn't, give him a call anyway. I'm sure he'd love to hear from you.), because he can never be thanked enough.

Peace and see you tomorrow!


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