"The Last Piece of Pie"

Exercise #2: "The Last Piece of Pie"
Write the first paragraph(s) of a story that begins as follows:
She would not give him the last piece of pie.

.....She would not give him the last piece of pie, and she didn't care how he felt about it. It was her birthday, and she deserved the last piece.
....."Man," he said, eyeing the solitary wedge of pastry, it's fruit-filled goodness spilling out onto the plate. "That was good pie. I could eat about 10,000 pounds of the stuff."
....."I know," she said as sweetly as she could muster. "Grandma makes some amazing food. I guess it's all those years of cooking for her family."
....."It's like she's always said, practice makes perfect. Right?"
.....She reached for the piece of pie, daring him to cross her. Her eyes quickly darted over to him, and the tension in the room became palpable. She wasn't going to give it up. Who cares if it had 300 calories in one piece? It was her birthday! She was allowed some leeway, surely.

5 minutes up.
This one was quite a bit harder than I thought it would be. I very much recommend doing it.


P.S. I'm reading Kate Furnivall's latest book, The Red Scarf, and it's wonderful. I'm a huge fan of Furnivall's, not only because her magnificently descriptive writing but also for her amazing ability to craft a story so engrossing that you simply cannot put down her books. She's a new author and only has one other book published (The Russian Concubine -- also VERY good), but she's definitely someone on which to keep an eye.


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