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"Characters' Dreams"

Exercise #10: "Characters' Dreams"
Oftentimes a character's dream can be very telling. Sketch a dream for one of the following characters:
  • a man about to get a bitter divorce and facing financial ruin
  • a woman 3 weeks away from giving birth to triplets
  • an elderly janitorial worker about to win the $100 million lottery
  • Divorce Paired with Financial Ruin:
    .....I'm sitting in my leather easy chair, enjoying a relaxing snooze in front of a cozy fire. All of the sudden, I wake up, and the fire has grown in size almost enough to be alarming. I start looking around for some sand or water to throw on the logs to quench it, but there's nothing around. In fact, the only thing in the room is my chair and the fireplace. Where is all my stuff? I bet she took it. All of it. Her and that jerk of a boyfriend. I wish I had seen it coming, but I was... otherwise engaged with work and... things. Sure, part of it is my fault, but still... She could have talked to me, asked me to pay more attention to her. But I'm getting off topic. The fire is growing exponentially, and soon the entire wall is engulfed in flames. I close my eyes and huddle in a nearby corner in the fetal position. This is a dream. Make it stop. When I open my eyes, I'm standing in an field with sunflowers growing at least 7 feet tall in front of me. I can't see through them, but I walk in anyway.

    5 minutes up. You know, when I look back at what I've written, I feel sort of stupid, because it looks so... minuscule. I mean, it's a paragraph. That's it. Oi. I think I may start extending the exercise to 10 minutes, because I feel like I'm not getting enough brain stretching in. :)

    So I was reading the news today, and I found an article that was interesting (to say the least). It's on (direct link to follow below this paragraph), and it's entitled "Energy Dept. could save energy." Enjoy.I know I did even though I finished the article a bit perturbed.>

    Peace, and see you tomorrow!


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