Exercise #11: "555"
This is an exercise to help flesh out a fictional character. This might be a character in a story or novel you are already working on, or it might be a new one who emerges here. Whatever suits... Feel free to change the gender.
  • List 5 poeple he secretly resents and why.
  • List 5 things he would like to do before he dies, but won't.
  • List 5 things that could happen so that he would, in fact, do one of the above.
My character, I've decided, is a guy that is a few years out of college. He played football all through high school and college, but in his last season he tore his ACL, putting him out of the game for a long while. Needless to say, he probably won't be playing football professionally, and he's a tad bitter.

5 People I Don't Like:
  1. Bill Gates - He's a dork, and he makes more money than me simply because he's a dork and likes to play with computers...
  2. Justin Timberlake - Because he's Justin frigging Timberlake and can do anything he wants and do any chick he wants.
  3. Every single serious football player out there - Because they're lucky.
  4. Peewee Herman - Because he's creepy.
  5. Jerry Seinfeld - Because he's not as funny as he thinks he is.
5 Things That Are Awesome, but I Won't Do Them:
  1. Play football professionally.
  2. Play in the super bowl.
  3. Win the super bowl.
  4. Make as much money as Bill Gates.
  5. Do as many chicks as Justin Timberlake.
5 Things That Would Make It Possible For Me to Do the 5 Awesome Things That, As of Right Now, I Can't:
  1. My ACL miraculously heals with no detriment to my playing ability.
  2. I come up with something huge like Windows that no one's ever thought of before.
  3. I meet a ton of record execs and glad hand until someone thinks I have enough talent to market.
  4. Have musical and / or performance talent.
  5. Have stylists follow me around all the time to make me look awesome and attractive to all of the chicks who idolize me.

Now, I don't know too many football guys these days (Belmont doesn't have a football team... Yeah, imagine all of the scene kids at Belmont playing football... HAH), but, while some of them are stand up guys, I've met a few that are simply... irritating. I tried to make him somewhat like them.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that all jocks are dumb and sex obsessed. I'm not saying that they can't do anything but football. I'm just saying that this character, this specific guy, wants to "do all the chicks," make money, and play football. So don't get all touchy.

And without further ado, here are some of the pictures from the new Alice in Wonderland...

Creeeeeeepy... Especially Johnny Depp. I see him doing wonderfully, though. I mean, he's Johnny Depp. When is he ever not amazing?



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