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The World Wants to Know: What are Britney Spears and Obama Going to Do Next???

First let me start out with a new addition to my blog: the Word of the Blog. hehe I would say Word of the Day, but seeing as I don't post every day, that would be a bit ridiculous. :) I'll try to find words that are applicable and usable in every day life, but to kick off today's first installment of Word of the Blog, I've found a silly word that I simply cannot turn down.

And the Word of the Blog is ... (drumroll, please) ... omphalopsychite (pronounced Om·pha·lop·sy·kite) - one who contemplates his or her navel.

heh I thought that was silly, so I felt the need to share it. Try to use it today (I also felt the overwhelming need to say that, as well...).

And now onto something completely different...

Now, I'm sure a lot of people are wondering why I've lumped Obama and Britney Spears together in one sentence. They're on complete opposite spectrums of the "circle of fame," right? I'm not so sure anymore. I have become increasingly aware of the fact that President Obama is not really viewed, in this country, as a President, as a well-informed authority figure who stands for the beliefs of the majority of the people inhabiting the country which he represents. It seems to me that every time I hear someone talk about him, it's some form of supposedly shocking, paltry gossip. "Obama did this," or "Obama said this." Yes, he is the front-runner of our country, and I would like him to behave as such, but the American people are responding to his actions like they're running in some smutty tabloid that you see waiting in the line at the grocery store. "Obama lost 98 pounds with this SINGLE GOLDEN DIET RULE!!! Look inside to see the secret!"

An example? I'm glad you asked. Recently, there was a big hubbub when President Obama bowed - gasp! - to Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. My question is this: WHO CARES?!?! It's an act of respect, I believe, to bow to someone in that culture, and I don't think he meant it as a way of showing that the Islam faith is superior to any others. What's more is that his "people" tried to pawn it off on Obama's height, saying that he was so much taller than the Saudi king that he had to stoop to shake his hand. Not that it matters anyway, really.

I've said time and time again that I'm the first to admit I did not vote for Obama, and I didn't want him to run our country. I disagreed with the great majority of his policies, and I stand wholeheartedly by my choice. That being said, I'm also the first to admit that he is our President, and that he deserves our respect, just as any human being deserves respect. So why are the anti-Obama-ists stooping so low as to tarnish the name of our President with tabloid-worthy news?

It just seems starkly apparent that our society is becoming more and more obsessed with this light fluff, this worthless news, when more important things are going on. We're focused on Britney Spears walking off stage in one of her recent shows when the tension around the world is so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

I just wish we could refocus and get our responsibilities placed correctly.

Way to go, America.


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