If You Were Suddenly Blessed With a Ton of Money...

Word of the Blog - Extremophile. Pronounced \ik-STREE-muh-fyle\: an organism that lives under extreme environmental conditions (as in a hot spring or ice cap).

An example of an extremophile would be bacillus infernus. This type of bacteria can survive in the most extreme of environments: It was discovered by Dr. David Boone in a deep-drilling project in Virginia, and it was thriving in temperatures as high as 140 degrees Farenheit. Nifty.

Moving on.

What if you were given enough money to live comfortably (even on the opulent side of comfortable) for the rest of your life? What would you do? How would you spend your time?

I was thinking about this today, and my immediate thought was NOTHING. I would do NOTHING, which is perhaps because I'm just horribly overstretched at this juncture in my life.
But anyways...

I'm sure that doing nothing would get really boring after about, oh, 2 hours, so after that initial 2 hours of blissful nothingness, what would I do? Really?

I would travel. I think it would be pretty great to sell all of my worldly possessions (except for a few necessities that I can carry on my person at all times), and then backpack around the world. France, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, everywhere. With the money, I'd definitely partake in some luxurious activities (i.e. cruises, President suites in hotels, etc.), but I don't think I'd buy a lot of crap. Maybe that sounds hoity-toity, but I really don't think I would. I'd do whatever I could to take part in as many "once-in-a-lifetime" events (i.e. Superbowl, Stanley Cup, the Olympics, etc.) instead of buying the newest, biggest LCD flatscreen or whatever it is that's awesome technology nowadays. Maybe I'd save those kind of splurges for when I finished my travels. Although, I don't see that happening (hypothetically, of course) too quickly. Maybe I would move to a European city. I've always wanted to live in a flat in London or Paris. Those cities have always fascinated me. But once again, I would make sure that every landmark had been seen by my eyes before settling down in a single place.

Anyways, please, discuss. What would you do?


JujuJuniper said…
K, is it me, or do those look like cocktail wienies?
Stef said…
haha Quite possibly.

I see you're checking up on my blog... You know, the one that I'm too lazy to keep up to date on. :)

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