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Apparently, a Mass Wedding Memo Was Sent to All but Me...

I don't get it. I'm 21. I shouldn't be worried about marriage, should I? I shouldn't feel the pressure to get engaged ASAP. So why am I feeling it? I'll tell you why.


How did this happen? It was all at once, too. A wedding here, an engagement there (soon to be followed by another wedding, of course)... It's just crazy. As I said in the title of this blog, I feel like every single person in my life was sent a memo saying the following:

This year is the year for marriage! Men, propose to your women now! Women, if your men are shy, surprise him with a dash of gumption and pop the question yourself!! :-D If you don't have a significant other, then go out and find one! (P.S. Don't let Stefanie know. It would be rather humorous to see how she reacts to a sudden onslaught of engagements.)

Heck, even as I write this, The Wedding Date is playing on TBS. The world has gone mad with wedding fever! And I've been left behind. Bugger. Now, I guess I can't be complaining. I have a boyfriend, and not only that, we're pretty serious (coming up on 6 months September 18th). But I've told him time and time again that I have absolutely no desire to get married before I graduate from college. In fact, the thought of marriage at this point in my life gives me a mini panic attack. You think I'm kidding. Me, getting married? Not for a while yet. Thank God Brandon is a patient person. He understands my viewpoint (even though he doesn't entirely agree with it) and respects it. I found myself a good one. hehe

Ok. Enough about that. I'm getting a little panick-y just thinking about it. Oi.

I cut my hair. :) About a foot, actually. It's a nice, welcome change, if I do say so myself. I wasn't expecting it to come out as well as it did, but I've gotten some really great, strong reactions from people not expecting the drastic change. "Oh, my gosh! Your hair!!!" haha I love it, though. I don't have to use nearly as much shampoo as I used, and that means I'll be saving money!! :-D I like it.

Also, I'll be getting a new computer soon. The one I'm using now is practically obsolete, and it is, I fear, about to die out on me. The AC power adapter connection with the cord is seriously messed up. It connects most of the time, but my screen flickers on and off all the time. It used to be that it wouldn't charge for days on end and at one point it wouldn't even recognize the interior battery. So it was a desktop for a little while. Either way, it's pretty much stupid. I can't wait for my computer. The great part is that I'll have a lot more memory, too. :) Right now, my computer barely holds my 5,000 songs and 3 movies. It's slower than molasses, and I'm just sick of it. I have too much to do quickly on my computer to wait for a stupid internet page to load. None of that, thank you.

Well, it's time to go, now. :) Peace.



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