So there I was, sitting peacefully on the couch in my parent's bonus room. All of the sudden I realize, "Hmm... I'm hungry." So I get up and make my way toward the pantry. Well, I was really stupid and left my purse sitting on the ground right by the couch, and I was also really stupid and wasn't looking where I was going... Next thing I know I'm teetering forward toward a door frame. I instinctually throw my hands in front of me, and-- now, I'm not sure how this happened-- the back of my right hand hits the door frame, catching my fall. I didn't think that it hurt too badly at first, but after a minute... FLAMES. Now I'm just trying to keep my mind off of the dull ache that's throbbing through my fingers. It also doesn't help that every time I move the fingers on my right hand, I feel bones cracking. I have a bad feeling about this... Shit.


Indeterminacy said…
Hope you recovered fromt he fall - quite descriptive. I got hit on the head by a soccer ball yesterday, which I didn't see coming. Luckily I fell on someone soft who broke my fall. Might otherwise have been quite a nasty fall.

Thanks for your story comment for picture 399. I've finally answered all the comments and posted my own story (which isnt that great, really).

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